Uddingston Home Removals

Home moves are stressful enough without having to handle the entire move yourself. For professional home removals, Uddingston is served by DS Carriers. We have a fleet of vehicles of different sizes, experienced (and multi-talented) drivers with heavy lifting experience, and the proper tools to get the job done right… items packed, loaded, secured in transit, and safely unloaded to a room of your choice.

Personalised Packaging Assistance

DS Carriers are more than movers. We are partners. We assist in all stages of your move, including assisting with planning, advising on cost-saving measures, and including as many packaging materials as you need. We even offer to pack your items for you! Our customers appreciate having our experienced crew handle the packing of all fragile items, which ensures sufficient bubble wrap or other appropriate protective packaging is used, and the items are properly labelled as fragile.

Professional Furniture Dismantling Service

Large furniture items are difficult to navigate. Some items like your wardrobes or double bed frames may need to be dismantled to get them through doorways, around turns and twists on staircases, and to allow them to be safely carried, negating the urge to slide furniture across floors, risking scratching laminate boards, or chipping the furniture. Something no professional mover would consider doing.

On moving day, it is not only your belongings that need to be protected. Your property needs to remain in the same condition as sold. Our furniture flat-packing service ensures you get a hassle-free furniture dismantling service, mitigating the risk of chipping paintwork on walls, dinging a door frame that chips the woodwork, or scratching the paintwork off a freshly painted staircase banister.

Our experience of moving large heavy objects in properties with tricky layouts helps to protect your property and your belongings.

We have experience flat-packing all types of furniture. Smaller items that can be moved without risking damage may not require flat-packing. We have vehicles large enough to accommodate a lot of bulky items and our team are experts at strategically loading our removals vehicles for maximum loads. We can move a lot in one haul, making your move go faster and smoother.

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Self-storage Containers are Available Too!

Should there be a gap between moving out and your new property being ready to move into, we have secure self-storage units available with flexible rental options. Our secure storage containers are accessible at any time. To ensure your items are as accessible as possible, our experienced team knows to load the largest items first (to the back) so that your boxed belongings are easier to access.

Uddingston Office removals specialists

DS Carriers has extensive experience assisting with commercial office removals and storage solutions during temporary refurbishment and refitting projects. We have assisted numerous businesses both locally and nationally with office relocations both upsizing and downsizing. Our business is fully insured and we can provide you with a competitive flat-fee quotation including a detailed cost breakdown.

With 35-years’ experience, we know how to deliver goods safely, reliably and damage free. Professional, courteous and reliable service, every time.

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