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You do not need to struggle through the back-breaking pains of the moving process. DS Carriers are local to Stepps, home removals specialists, fully insured, competent, and have a skilled team of movers, and vehicles of various sizes.

With the help of our moving team, we ensure your move goes smoothly, without a hitch, and assist at all stages of your move, including the planning.

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Professional Pack and Move Services Available

Our home removal services are tailored to your requirements. We can provide all of the packing supplies for you to pack your belongings ready for our team to move, including the labels to put on boxes with fragile items, and the protective bubble wrap to use for those. We also provide a full pack and move service. Our moving team has extensive experience in packing valuables for maximum security, secure handling, loading, and securing the goods in transit. For larger bulky items that are too large to move, or cannot fit through a doorway, we also provide an expert flat-packing service.

Superior Flat-Packing Service and Heavy Goods Handling

Getting bulky items like wardrobes, bed frames, and bookcases out of small spaces can be tricky without dismantling the furniture. When space permits, our moving crew are all trained in safe lifting procedures and have trolleys to move heavy items without needing to carry excessive weight unnecessarily.

Heavy goods must be moved with care to avoid injury liking pulling a muscle or straining your back. Nothing is going to slow your move down more and ruin the experience in your new home than a personal injury.

With DS Carriers, we handle all the heavy lifting, can take care of dismantling furniture, and move everything from A to B without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, all of your belongings are moved to the location that you specify at your new home. We are not going to move a solid wardrobe into a living room and leave it to you to move it up a flight of stairs. All of your goods are moved to the room of your choice.

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Superior Flat-Packing Service and Heavy Goods Handling

With 35-years of experience assisting families to move home, nothing surprises us. We provide removals and storage because things do not always go to plan. If you find yourself with a gap between a move-out date and a move-in date, we have 20ft self-storage containers available on flexible rental options. We can move all (or some of) your belongings into secure self-storage and load it for convenient access to everything. Bulky goods to the back, and your boxes (that you will likely need access to) located to the front.

Local Office Removals and Storage in Stepps

In addition to our home removals in Stepps, we can also help with local office removals, including providing temporary or long-term secure self-storage facilities. Our firm is fully insured and can work around your business hours to facilitate business continuity. We have experience in local business relocations and national moves too.

With 35-years’ experience, we know how to deliver goods safely, reliably and damage free. Professional, courteous and reliable service, every time.

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