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If you’re moving to, from, or around Bearsden, home removal experts at DS Carriers will help you make your move go smooth. Our family has been assisting the Bearsden community with hassle-free moving assistance including the planning, preparation, assistance, heavy-lifting, and most importantly, getting all your worldly possessions from point A to point B in immaculate condition.

We take care, not chances. In case of any mishaps, we are fully insured.

35-Years Experience Moving Everything Imaginable

At the core of our service is simplifying moving. We move everything! From home removals, and business moves, to assisting with temporary clearouts to local storage in Bearsden, freeing up space to get renovations done, like a loft conversion, a new kitchen fitted, or the garden shed replaced with a summer garden room. Our team provides professional removal assistance for anything you need to be moved. We can relocate any size of items anywhere in Bearsden, and the surrounding areas.

Direct Customer Support at Every Stage of Your Move

Our firm is proud of being a small local family-run business. When you call us, you receive our full attention, industry insight, planning, and packing advice that can help you avoid disaster and make your move go so much smoother. Our customer care at every step of the way is top-notch. We have rave reviews on Yell.com, Google Reviews, Trustpilot.co.uk and Facebook. We encourage anyone first hearing of DS Carriers to read through what our previous customers have to say about their experience with us.

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Professional Packing Service or Robust Packaging Materials Supplied

We provide two types of home removal services. A full service that includes our team providing a full packaging service, or we can supply the packing materials to any address in Bearsden for you to pack at a time that’s convenient to you.

Our fees are transparent and inclusive of packaging materials. If you run out of boxes, or bubble wrap, we are local to Bearsden and can ship more to you before your moving date. At no extra cost.

For our full packaging service where our team handles the packaging, we arrive in plenty of time, with all the materials required to meticulously package everything including smart TVs in protective bubble wrap, appropriately sized boxes, labeled correctly with “Fragile” stickers to avoid costly accidents, and we use quilted sofa covers to be certain there is extra padding to mitigate the risk of anything snagging fabric or leather, such as a door handle or brushing against the woodwork.

The condition your items leave point A is how they arrive at point B. Our team has a vast amount of home removal experience and has the know-how to move the most awkwardly shaped furniture with the least amount of friction.

Flat-Pack Furniture Handled For You

At some point, someone somewhere thought flat-pack furniture was a great idea. Once it’s up, flat packing back down again isn’t straightforward. Everything needs to be dismantled. The screws, dowels, brackets, and all fixings need to be packed safely away, and each part protected during the move.

It is not enough to remove only parts of furniture, such as the doors on a wardrobe to make it fit down a staircase. The rest of the furniture would not be as secure once lifted. Shelves could come flying out, hanging rails come loose, possibly breaking supporting brackets in the process.

With DS Carriers, Bearsden home removals go smoothly as we have extensive experience with all types of flat pack furniture. From bookcases, large wardrobes, coffee tables, dining tables, all types of beds, and cots.

We go the extra mile to make sure that every item is carefully flat-packed and securely transported, loaded safely into our vehicle(s), and secured for transportation ensuring nothing is damaged (or lost) in transit.

To get bespoke advice from home removal specialists in Bearsden, make the call to DS Carriers today.

With 35-years’ experience, we know how to deliver goods safely, reliably and damage free. Professional, courteous and reliable service, every time.

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